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Volvo OEM Parts at Discount Pricing!

Our website offers mechanics, owners, and do-it-yourselfers wholesale pricing on all Volvo parts and accessories. And whether searching for genuine parts for your XC60 or any other model dating back to 1983, chances are we've got them in stock and ready to ship.

One of the questions most frequently asked by Volvo owners who are looking to have repairs done or need to order parts is "What is the difference is between genuine Volvo parts and aftermarket Volvo parts?". The truth is that there are many differences between genuine OEM parts and ones made by aftermarket providers.

Here are a few facts to consider when buying replacement parts online:

    • Genuine Volvo parts are simply that - genuine. Unlike aftermarket imitations, they are sure to be built  same type, style, and material as the original parts you are replacing.

    • Genuine(OEM) parts are engineered with the  precise shape, size, weight, and material that is compatible with you Volvo. These parts are built to be 100% consistent with every other component and keep your vehicle working as originally intended.

  • Although some people think that aftermarket parts are cheaper, the fact is by ordering original Volvo parts from Volvo Parts Dept., you get near wholesale prices as well as greater durability and quality of genuine parts. The long-term value of buying original equipment cannot be overemphasized.